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Patricia Lewis

PLewis_Glad on YupoPatriciaLewis.jpg
Artist Statement

I honestly cannot remember a time in my life that I did not want to create art.
I went to San Jose State University and majored in Commercial Art and went on to expand my
background to include Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic designer for 25 years. I love the creative
process; taking an idea through to completion, and creating a work of art. Because of my graphic
design/illustrator background, I tend to be more of a realist painter though I have dabbled in abstract
painting as well. I work in watercolor and acrylics. My artistic endeavors include stain glass, watercolor,
acrylic, crocheting, knitting, and murals. Lately, I have been having fun painting on Yupo paper which is
100% plastic paper. The watercolor does not soak into the paper so you get the most amazing organic
shapes and color blends. I taught a watercolor class at the Morgan Hill Senior Center for 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed helping my students achieve their full potential as watercolorists. I am one of the artists that worked on the Kelly Brewery ceiling murals. I loved being a part of the artist group creating the album cover murals for brewery!

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