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Pamala Meador

Artist Bio

I am always thinking, creating, looking at things differently and taking the road not traveled.  I remember learning my alphabet so that I could have Piano Lessons, reading music before I could read. 


Growing up without much, family outings were to Museums, Art Galleries, Missions or historical points of interest.  Reading, drawing and painting was how I passed the time, since the Television was not turned on till after Dinner, and then only to the News.  Theater was a wonderful outlet during High School. University began with an Art History emphasis which morphed into a degree in Sculpture.

After College my journey twisted and turned until I found myself selling modern masters for a Fine Art Gallery, which lead to a wonderful opportunity to sell what I always considered as the Art of my Generation – Animation Art for the Warner Brothers Studio Stores.  Founder of, a site designed to deliver art over the internet, Inventor with three patents focused on Print on Demand, Color Correction and Image Manipulation over the Internet.  Currently I volunteer at a Private School and teach their Art Program.


For my day job I sell Real Estate, the ultimate sculpture, the one you live in.  

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