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2015 Archive

January 20 2015 -Investigating Opportunities with NCAF (Northern California Art Fusion

Discuss ways our two south county arts organizations can interact for increased exposure and productivity.

Discussion Leaders Lorna SaikiSergio Perez.

February 17 2015 - Art Around Town - Preparing Your Artwork For Exhibition

There are many first time members who will be participating in "Art Around Town" this year so we thought it was important to share preliminary information. It is for this reason that our program will be about preparing your artwork for exhibition, presented by Jeanie Watson, Director of AAT. This will also be important information for current participating artists because of problems we encountered this past year. How to get documentation from "Dropbox" that is needed for each venue will also be discussed.

Don't forget to bring artwork that you're working on or completed for our artwall for "sharing". As always, everyone is invited to proceed to Rosy's for a after meeting snack and social.

March 17 2015 - Demo by Julia Seelos

Julia Seelos, a talented and seasoned plein air artist.

Presentation by Julia Seelos with introduction by Steve Wise, Program Chairman. Share your artwork that you are currently working on or have finished. Line them up on the counter space for all to see.


April 21 2015 - Demo by Pat Evans

We have a wonderful jewelry artist, Pat Evans who will be demonstrating her unusual technique to create beautiful works of art that is currently at the Morgan Hill Art Gallery. As always, please bring your own artwork to share with the group.


May 19 2015 -  Demo by Jaya King

Jaya will demonstrate how you can create dynamic and colorful movement in a painting using intense calligraphy inks. Shape and form can be redefined by adding highlights with white gouache as a final touch. Jaya will work on cold-pressed watercolor paper with a limited palette of beautiful Private Reserve inks. These inks can look similar to watercolor however they are a whole different animal! Learn more about this process by joining Jaya on May 19th.

June 16 2015 - TBD

July 21 2015 - TBD

August 18 2015 - Summer Break - No Meeting

September 15 2015 - TBD

October 20 2015 - TBD

November 27 2015 - TBD

December 15 2015 - Holiday Social

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