Traycee Alane

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Artist Bio

Traycee was born and raised in the Bay Area and was inspired to create at an early age by her Granny’s love for creating ceramics and painting. Her work is influenced by the beauty and wonder that is waiting to be discovered in nature and within us.

Fascinated by the intuitive painting process, Traycee approaches each piece with curiosity and imagination. Her paintings start as pure play as she adds paint, marks, words, symbols, and sometimes collage to the substrate. She continues to explore while observing and listening to what is emerging from the work. When she sees an image hidden among the marks, she’ll work to bring it forward so that the subject takes on a life in the painting. Often there is a message or a memory that the final painting will reveal to her. Her work frequently represents beings or creatures with outstretched hands. She interprets this as a representation of the giver in her wanting to provide something to the observer as well as the painting giving back to her. She is intrigued when the image delivers personal meaning to the viewer or they see something that she didn’t see.