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Susan Dillon

Artist Bio

Photography became a passion of mine decades ago.  I was most inspired by the work of Imogene Cunningham.  Initially, taking classes and working in the darkroom in black and white was fascinating for me .  My young children in those early days were my first subjects.  Through field work, classes, workshops and under tutelage of master photographers I worked on sharpening my skills and developing my abilities.  Composition was my most favorite challenge and I consider my most important element in my photographs.  Lately, I am drawn to architecture and texture with a sense of simplicity and tranquility underlying the subjects.  Lately, mounting my photographs on canvas has resulted in an added punch in color and texture.  I hope my vision is appreciated and enjoyed by many.  I have been most fortunate to be able to capture images from the US, Europe, China, Mexico and our surrounding communities.  My photo note cards of the area are carried exclusively by “Booksmart”.   

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